Thursday, March 20, 2014

Surveillance video shows theft of Hulk Hogan memorabilia

Hulk Hogan filed a police report on Wednesday in Clearwater, Fla., claiming that four women conspired to steal a piece of Hulkamania memorabilia from his store, Hogan's Beach Shop. On Thursday, that report was backed up by surveillance video, obtained by TMZ (embedded).

The memorabilia was an autographed wrestling shoe. In the video, you can see the group enter Hogan's Beach Shop. For a time, they congregate around the front desk clerk. Something happens outside -- perhaps another group member -- and the clerk, along with four women, leaves the store to investigate.

Then, however, one of the women re-enters the store, walks to the back of the store, grabs the shoe, and blatantly exits, calmly, as though it was nothing. Police have described the woman as "a heavy-set female in her 50s," which appears to be the case in the video.

The shoe is valued at $5,500.

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