Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Miami authorities struggle to blur Justin Bieber 'penis video' for public release

It is unclear exactly why Miami authorities want to release this specific piece of video to the public, but they are trying hard (no pun intended, you will see). TMZ reported on Wednesday that the Miami Beach police want to release more Justin Bieber video, but they can't because his penis moves around too much (hilarity ensues).

According to sources, the police intend to release another jailhouse video of the "Baby" singer. This time, the superstar is seen peeing into the visible jail toilet. The fact that Bieber was caught on camera urinating has been known for some time.

However, sources say that the technicians are having difficulty blurring that part of the video. Not only is Bieber moving around as he urinates -- though it's unclear (again, no pun intended) exactly what that means -- making it a moving target, they are having technical difficulties blurring the video, as well.

Apparently the issue has become high-profile, and technicians have been working on the issue continuously since Tuesday.

As we noted before, the judge in the case has said he wants to review any videos before they are released, so the authorities have good reason to make it work well.

The footage, for those unaware, is part of the video that was taken after Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, drag racing, and driving with an expired license. There is disagreement as to just how good prosecutors' cases are, and Bieber has reportedly turned out a plea deal because he did not want any probation.

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