Friday, March 7, 2014

Did Justin Bieber throw his mother under the 'Xanax bus' during a deposition?

Justin Bieber seems to have thrown his mother under the bus during a contentious deposition on Thursday. The incident, TMZ reported, was in Miami, but not about his DUI arrest. Rather, it was in connection with a lawsuit filed by a photographer, Jeffrey Binion, who claims that last June Bieber's bodyguards attacked him while he tried to take pictures of Bieber outside Miami's Hit Factory recording studio.

During the deposition, things first became contentious when Binion's lawyer began asking Bieber if Selena Gomez was present during any incident involving fights with photographers. Bieber's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, objected to the question, apparently believing it was meant to simply anger Bieber -- which it did. However, the lawyer persisted; Weitzman jumped in and said his client was being harassed.

Eventually, Bieber and Weitzman tired of the peppering with Selena questions, and stood up and left. As he was leaving, Bieber shouted "Don't ask me about her; do not ask me about her!"

The pair returned in five minutes, but Bieber, still angry, responded to a question with the word "Yeah." When asked by Binion's lawyer "Do you mean yes?," Bieber responded, "What the f**k is the difference between yeah and yes?!" Of course, in a legal proceeding, they will often ask for clarification when someone says something aside from "yes."

Later, Bieber went into the realm of CBS, when he said, "What is this, "60 Minutes?" Still later, showing no respect for the proceedings, Bieber said, "OK, Katie Couric, what's your question again?"

Ironically, the lawyer showed Bieber multiple TMZ posts, and the singer accused the lawyer of being obsessed with the celebrity site.

Finally, Bieber seems to have thrown his mother under the bus when the lawyer asked him if he has a prescription for Xanax, to which Bieber responded, "No." You might recall that earlier Bieber said that he took anti-anxiety pills, such as Xanax, but he couldn't confirm the type. That's because he apparently just takes whatever his mother "gives him."

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