Thursday, March 27, 2014

Zac Efron labeled a hero, reportedly saves life of bodyguard

+The details appear a little confusing, but nevertheless, actor Zac Efron seems to be a hero, TMZ reported on Thursday.

The incident involved the 26-year-old "High School Musical" star and a man Efron identified as his bodyguard. Reportedly, the bodyguard, who said he and Efron were tooling around downtown Los Angeles on Sunday at 12:30 a.m. when the car ran out of fuel. It rolled to a stop at the bottom of a downtown L.A. off-ramp. Efron said that while they were waiting for a tow truck they threw a bottle out the window -- it was not clear was in the bottle -- and it hit the pavement near a group of transients.

That angered the transients, who confronted the pair, believing they intentionally threw the bottle at them.

The bodyguard -- who wished to remain unnamed -- said that the went after him with a shank, stabbing him in the face, stomach and chest. Efron exited the car and a vodka bottle at the transients to fend off the attack. The bodyguard said that Efron beat off the attack and saved his life.

The mention of the bottle was strange though, unless Efron and crew had more than one empty bottle in the car.

There were no arrests, as police viewed the incident as "mutual combat." TMZ's source claimed Efron was "obviously intoxicated" at the time of the events.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brewery pays homage to 'Walking Dead' season four finale with brain-infused beer

The season four finale of "The Walking Dead" has nearly shambled upon us, and with that, the Dock Street Brewing Company in Philadelphia has created a brew just for fans. Cnet "reviewed" the pale American stout on Tuesday.

A somewhat mundane ingredient list is zombified when one notes that in addition to the more typical wheat, oats, flaked barley, and organic cranberries, Dock Street's Walker also includes brains. That's right, although we are not speaking about human brains. Instead, Walker includes smoked goat brains.

Congratulate Justin Low, the head brewer of Dock Street, for the new brew. As a big fan of "The Walking Dead," he simply had to create something tasty for zombies to imbibe. The beer will get its official release at Dock Street on March 30, along with a screening of "The Walking Dead" season four finale.

Folks may need to get drunk after that finale. Creator Robert Kirkman says that the finale will "shock people." What could be more shocking that the episode from just two weeks ago, "The Grove" ("look at the flowers")?

Time will tell.  AMC airs the season four finale of "The Walking Dead" on Sunday, March 30, at 9 p.m. ET.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis expecting, say multiple sources

There has been no official announcement yet, but sources told People and Us Weekly on Sunday that Mila Kunis. 30, and Ashton Kutcher, 36, recently engaged -- are not recently expecting.

One source told Us,
This is something they both wanted. They are both so happy.
Another told People
They are both very, very happy. It’s still early.
When asked about last week's rumors that the couple was expecting twins, the second source replied,
No, not twins.
Another friend told People,
It won’t necessarily be a short engagement. They haven’t begun planning the wedding yet.

Kutcher and Kunis first met on the set of "That ‘70s Show" in 1998. They remained friends after the show's end, and began dating after the highly publicized divorce between Kutcher and Demi Moore.

Kutcher currently stars in the series "Two and a Half Men," and also starred in the title role of "Jobs," a Steve Jobs biopic. Kunis, of course, continues to star as Meg Griffin in the series "Family Guy," and was critically acclaimed for her role in "Black Swan." She was Esquire's "Sexiest Woman Alive" in 2012.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Few tears greet the death of WBC's Fred Phelps

Fred Phelps, founder of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, died on Wednesday night at the age of 84. As the Washington Post noted, not many will shed tears for him ("Dry eyes for Fred Phelps").

His 59-year-old Westboro Baptist Church, populated mostly by relatives and in-laws, gained notoriety -- nay, national infamy, when it picked the funerals of military personnel, saying that their deaths were the result of the U.S. treating homosexual people "too well." They also picketed, or threatened to picket, funerals of others, including Steve Jobs and nine-year-old girl, Christina-Taylor Green, whose death Phelps applauded in a YouTube video where he thanked God for the shootings.

Among the signs often seen at WBC picketing events, and these can be seen on their website, as well, are such things as “God hates f*gs.” “God is your enemy.” “God hates you.” “USA = f*g nation.” “F*gs die God laughs.” “Thank God for maimed soldiers.” “Pray for more dead soldiers.” “Thank God for dead soldiers.” “Thank God for IEDs.” “God killed your sons.”

The hate won't extend into his own funeral, it appears. At least not from George Takei, who played Sulu on "Star Trek" and is openly gay. On his Facebook page, he posted:
Today, Mr. Phelps may have learned that God, in fact, hates no one. Vicious and hate-filled as he was, may his soul find the kind of peace through death that was so plainly elusive during his life.
In a separate post, Takei added:
I take no solace or joy in this man's passing. We will not dance upon his grave, nor stand vigil at his funeral holding "God Hates Freds" signs, tempting as it may be.

He was a tormented soul, who tormented so many. Hate never wins out in the end. It instead goes always to its lonely, dusty end.

Surveillance video shows theft of Hulk Hogan memorabilia

Hulk Hogan filed a police report on Wednesday in Clearwater, Fla., claiming that four women conspired to steal a piece of Hulkamania memorabilia from his store, Hogan's Beach Shop. On Thursday, that report was backed up by surveillance video, obtained by TMZ (embedded).

The memorabilia was an autographed wrestling shoe. In the video, you can see the group enter Hogan's Beach Shop. For a time, they congregate around the front desk clerk. Something happens outside -- perhaps another group member -- and the clerk, along with four women, leaves the store to investigate.

Then, however, one of the women re-enters the store, walks to the back of the store, grabs the shoe, and blatantly exits, calmly, as though it was nothing. Police have described the woman as "a heavy-set female in her 50s," which appears to be the case in the video.

The shoe is valued at $5,500.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Marvel unveils 'Age of Ultron,' 'Ant-Man,' 'Guardians' concept art during TV special

Tuesday night, Marvel Studios aired a special instead of the normal Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.," and in the special, ”Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe,” the studio unveiled a gallery of concept art covering not just "The Avengers: Age of Ultron," but "Ant-Man" and "Guardians of the Galaxy."

The Avengers' concept art shows off something we had expected to show up eventually: Iron Man's Hulkbuster suit. A suit of armor specifically designed to take on the Hulk, it appears similar to the Mark XXXVIII armor showed off in "Iron Man 3."

It also shows The Scarlet Witch, who in the comics is Magneto's daughter with the power to cast reality-dispelling hexes. She is slated to be played by Elizabeth Olsen, sister to Mary Kate and Ashley.
Also shown was concept art of Quicksilver, her brother. We expect the look of Quicksilver in "Avengers" to be more welcome than the much-ridiculed look of Quicksilver in the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past" film.

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are among those that straddle the rights of both Marvel Studios and Fox, which is how we will see Quicksilver turn up in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" on May 23, 2014, with Evan Peters in the role. Director Bryan Singer has said that there won’t be a Scarlet Witch in the X-Men film, except for perhaps “a reference.”

Also shown was an image of the Hulk and Black Widow back to back.

Other images shared were one of Rocket Raccoon and Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy" and some concept art of "Ant-Man," showing the Henry Pym version (not the Scott Lang headliner played by Paul Rudd). Pym was a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative at the time of his Ant-Man turn.

“Ant-Man” hits theaters on July 17, 2015 and “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” premieres on May 1, 2015. "Guardians of the Galaxy" will premiere on Aug. 1, 2014.

A slideshow of images can be seen here.

'Kate Plus 8' to return in summer TLC special

Kate Gosselin is returning to reality TV, along with her brood of eight children. As Us reported on Tuesday, TLC has announced that the family will return to the small screen via a one-hour special scheduled to air this summer.

The series started as "Jon and Kate Plus 8," but was retitled as "Kate Plus 8" after the couple's particularly contentious public split and divorce.

The press release from TLC said:
In 2007, viewers first fell in love with one of the most talked about families in reality television history. It’s now been over two years since we’ve last seen the Gosselin clan, and Kate and the kids are catching up with TLC for an hour-long special, slated to air in June. With the twins now 13, and the sextuplets about to turn 10, Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel join their mother in this update about their life as a family today.

Throughout the special, Kate and the kids get us up to speed on what’s changed in the family - how the kids have grown, what their interests are now, and what the latest is on Kate’s life and career. The hour will take a look back at some of the most memorable and poignant family moments from the past several years, and will highlight what the day-to-day routine has been for Kate and the kids since we last saw them.
The blurb mentions nothing about Jon, so it's unclear if he will have any role to play in the special.

Ahead of the summer special, Kate Gosselin will return to reality TV in season 14 of "Celebrity Apprentice." The upcoming season of the NBC boardroom-based reality show will film this spring, when Gosselin will appear opposite Brandi Glanville, Ludacris, and "Atlanta Housewives" member Kenya Moore.

The "Kate Plus 8" TLC special will air in June.

Justin Bieber to be offered plea deal in egging case: Report

Earlier, we reported that Justin Bieber would reject a plea bargain in his Miami DUI case over random drug testing, but that won't be an issue in this new plea bargain. The new deal, offered in Bieber's egging case, would involve no jail time and only informal probation, TMZ reported Wednesday.

According to anonymous sources cited by the celebrity news website, while Justin Bieber will be charged for allegedly egging his neighbor's house, the case will probably never go to trial. Reportedly, the Los Angeles County District Attorney has contacted Bieber's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, and asked for a meeting to discuss a possible deal. Any plea bargain would apparently include restitution for the egging damage, which as we have reported earlier has been estimated to be approximately $20,000, because of the ornate design of the house exterior.

If this deal were to take place, Bieber would pay for the damage, as well as plead no contest to misdemeanor vandalism. The "Baby" singer would not serve any jail time and be placed on informal probation.

While the D.A. is happy with a misdemeanor charge, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is not. The department wants Bieber charged with a felony for two reasons: a) because the egging was intentional, b) because the estimated value of the damage is above the level for a misdemeanor. The D.A., though, feels Bieber's crime is more prank than felony.

Sources said that the Weitzman / D.A. meeting has not yet taken place, but reportedly the case could still be resolved as early as next week.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The mystery of 'Malificent's' missing wings revealed in teaser trailer

The tale of "Sleeping Beauty" is well-known, but one question has remained unanswered until now: Why doesn't Malificent, the title character in Disney's upcoming live-action film by the same (starring Angelina Jolie in the title role), have wings? The answer was revealed in a teaser trailer released on Monday.

Malificent is, after all, a fairy, albeit an evil one. The answer to the question above is the she did have wings. However, as Jolie says, “They were stolen from me."

The wings, which remind us more of the wings of a raptor -- perhaps even a vulture -- being huge, black-feathered, and ominous-looking -- can be seen in the embedded video.

“Maleficent” will open in theaters on May 30.

Miley Cyrus' 'Bangerz' tour bus goes up in flames

Miley Cyrus' "Bangerz" tour bus burst into flames on Monday night, TMZ -- and Noah Cyrus, via Twitter and Instagram reported.

The embedded video shows the incident. Noah posted a series of videos on Instagram last night with the caption "Tour bus down!" and "bus down!" She later confirmed -- on Twitter -- that no one was injured in the incident.

In her Twitter post, Noah Cyrus -- responding to comments left on the Instagram videos -- said:
Yes, everyone got out safe no one is injured what so ever!! everything is okay!!
Miley Cyrus was traveling to New Orleans, where she is scheduled to play a show tonight.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Jane Goodall: Michael Jackson literally 'spanked the monkey'

Michael Jackson "spanked the monkey" while he was alive, but not in the way you might think. Speaking to a TMZ photographer while exiting a Washington, D.C. event an event in Washington, D.C., animal rights activist Jane Goodall said that famed chimp Bubbles was beaten during his time with Jackson.

The embedded video shows the exchange between Goodall and the photographer.

The conversation actually started about a possible chimpanzee for the White House (not necessarily Obama, to be clear). After Goodall said that would not be a good idea, the photographer mentioned his memories of Jackson's famed pet, Bubbles.

Goodall then said that she had visited Jackson and "ticked him off." She claimed she knew that Bubbles was beaten, although she did not confirm it was Jackson who beat the chimp.

La Toya Jackson's ex-husband, Jack Gordon, once claimed the singer abused Bubbles, saying,
I saw Michael punch Bubbles, kick him in the stomach. Michael used to say, "He doesn't feel it. He's a chimpanzee. I have to discipline him."
As part of her statement, Goodall mentioned that as chimps age, they become dangerous.

Those who recall the terrifying -- and horrifying -- attack by Travis the chimp back in 2009 will know she is certainly on target.

Dame Jane Goodall is considered the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees.

Bubbles currently lives in the Center for Great Apes, a sanctuary in Wauchula, Fla., where he has lived since 2005.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lawsuit asserts Miley Cyrus' tongue injured a worker

Miley Cyrus' tongue has scared Katy Perry, but it has also hurt someone. At least, that is what is claimed in a lawsuit discovered on Thursday by The Daily Mail Online.

Charles Nicholas Sarris has filed a lawsuit for injuries suffered when he was working on the construction of the giant novelty tongue slide used in Cyrus new Bangerz tour (embedded video). The suit does not seek damages from Cyrus herself, but rather from ShowFx, a Los Angeles equipment supply company that was build the slide for the tour.

According to the suit, Sarris was hired to help in the slide construction, and in February, he was badly injured on the job. The suit says that the equipment and tools provided to him failed, causing him to fall and injure himself badly.

The suit claims that ShowFx failed to warn him about the potential dangers involved in the construction. He is seeking unspecified damages.

At least Katy Perry's comments about Miley Cyrus' tongue didn't earn her a lawsuit, but it did earn her a tongue-lashing. After being kissed by Cyrus at a Bangerz tour event, Perry said that Cyrus tried to go "deeper" than she was comfortable with.
God knows where that tongue has been. We don't know! That tongue is so infamous!
In response, Cyrus tweeted:
Girl if ur worried abt where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know where THAT (tongue) been.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lawyer explains Justin Bieber deposition questions re: Selena Gomez

When Justin Bieber was asked about Selena Gomez during his deposition last week, the first words out of his lawyer's (Howard Weitzman) mouth was "what is the relevance." Many have asked that since; the answer was posted by TMZ on Wednesday.

Bieber's deposition was in connection with a lawsuit filed by a photographer, Jeffrey Binion, who claims that last June Bieber's bodyguards attacked him while he tried to take pictures of Bieber outside Miami's Hit Factory recording studio. Binion is represented by attorney Mark DiCowden.

DiCowden grilled Bieber about Gomez last week, and in new legal documents the reason is now clear. He wrote in the filing that he asked Bieber about Gomez because he believes she witnessed Bieber attacking a photographer in May of 2012, which sets a pattern of behavior that he hopes to prove.

The section of his deposition covering Gomez is embedded.

During the interview, Bieber went ballistic and walked out. Eventually, he came back.

It's unclear why he was acting lovesick. The day after the interview, on Friday, he and Gomez reunited.

In addition, DiCowden reportedly is asking the judge in the case to remove Bieber's lawyers on the grounds they were obstructing the interview.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Obama goes 'Between The Ferns' with Zach Galifianakis on 'Funny or Die' webseries

The latest guest on Zach Galifianakis spoof series was U.S. President Barack Obama (seriously) and the two had a hilarious exchange during the segment. The video was first posted to Funny or Die on Tuesday, but has spread virally since then.

The six-minute clip jumps around from subject to subject, but a remarkably deadpan Obama pair spars quite well with Galifianakis. Subjects include Obama's "missing" birth certificate, Bradley Cooper, Galifianakis' weight,

An example of the barbs trade back and forth include the time when Galifianakis asks Obama, “What’s it like to be the last black president.” Obama follows up with a sharp, “Seriously? What’s it like for this to be that last time you ever talk to a president?”

There was also the time that Galifianakis commented, "You know what I would do if I were president, Mr. President, I would make same-sex divorce illegal. Then see how bad they (gays) want it." To that, Obama replied, "I think that's why you're not president, and that's a good thing."

Speaking on ambassadors, Galifianakis said: "So how does this work? Do you send Ambassador Rodman to North Korea on your behalf? I read somewhere that you'd be sending Hulk Hogan to Syria, or is that more of a job for Tonya Harding. Obama replied succinctly, "Zach –- he's not our ambassador."

Finally, the big "plug," as Galifianakis called it: the Affordable Care Act.
Galifianakis: So do you go to any websites that are dot-coms, or dot-nets, or do you mainly just stick with dot-govs?

Obama: No actually we go to dot-govs, have you heard of

Galifianakis: Oh here we go, okay let's get this out of the way, what did you come here to plug?

Obama: Well, first of all I think it's fair to say I wouldn't be with you here today if I didn't have something to plug. Have you heard about the Affordable Care Act?

Galifianakis: Oh yeah, I've heard about that. That's the thing that doesn't work? Why would you get the guy who created the Zune to make your website?

Obama: works great now. And millions of Americans have already gotten health insurance plans and what we want is for people to know that you can get affordable health care. And most young Americans, right now they're not covered. And the truth is that they can get coverage all for what it costs you to pay your cellphone bill.

Galifianakis: I don't have a phone, I'm off the grid. I don't want you people reading my texts, you know what I mean?

Obama: First of all Zach, no one is interested in your texts. But second of all you can do it in person, and the law means that insurers can't discriminate against you if you have a preexisting condition any more.
At this point, Galifianakis rolled up his sleeve to shows the President some sort of issue on his arm, that Obama calls "disgusting." The President then tells galifianakis that he needs to get it checked right away, again plugging the ACA by saying, "Zach, you need to get that checked right away. You need to get on because that's one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen.'

Galifianakis shot back, "Is your plug finally over?"

"I suppose so," replied the President.

At the end of the sketch, Obama pushes a button on the table between the pair, and a black curtain behind them drops, revealing that Galifianakis has been taping the show in the Diplomatic Room at the White House. Galifianakis then thanks the president for the interview and adds, "Thanks for letting me shoot my show here all these years."

When Obama asks, "Who gave you permission to do that?," Galifianakis responds, "Bush."

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez reunite and steam up a dance floor (Video)

Justin Bieber may have appeared lovesick during his deposition in his photographer lawsuit last Thursday, but he appeared much happier over the weekend, when he hit the stage on Sunday at the Scooter Braun Projects Sunday Funday Showcase held during the 2014 SXSW Music, Film and Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, Us reported on Monday.

The dedication came after an apparent reunion of sorts: TMZ caught them together in Texas on Friday. They appeared to be back together again, as this wasn't just a friendly meeting: they were "canoodling all morning in Texas," the site said.

They apparently went to Action Dance Studio in McAllen, Texas, over the weekend, too. Following his dedication performance, Bieber posted two videos to Instagram. They were quickly deleted, but as we have said many times, what is posted to the Internet stays on the Internet. The two videos, are steamy, and show the undeniable chemistry between the two.

Of course, there is a lot more to a relationship than just chemistry. The two have been on again, off again many times, and during the off periods the exchanges between the two have been contentious and even inflammatory.

The two videos along with a video of his dedication performance, are embedded.

Monday, March 10, 2014

George Zimmerman fails to make 'a killing' with gun show appearance

There's no question that George Zimmerman is a killer: He has admitted to killing Trayvon Martin, after all. Now, though, the Floridian, deprived of any chance at a big celebrity boxing payday, is hoping to make a killing doing autographs. Zimmerman did a meet-and-greet at a Florida gun show on Saturday, Thinkprogress reported.

He failed to make a killing, though. Fearing backlash, the organizers of the New Orlando Gun Show had to move the gun show to a less traveled venue. To get his signature, folks had to find him in a rear office of The Arms Room gun store in Orlando, Fla. The event was moved to The Arms Room after the original venue for the gun show backed out because of the controversy surrounding Zimmerman.

Over the course of six hours, less than 20 people at the gun show asked for his signature -- which was free -- or for a photo with Trayvon Martin’s killer.

The signed photograph shows George ZImmerman and his dog, but the image is of a much slimmer Zimmerman than current meets the public eye.

Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager, fatally on Feb. 26, 2012, in Sanford, Fla. On July 13, 2013, a jury acquitted him of second-degree murder and of manslaughter charges.

Although the verdict was met with public outcry, some legal scholars were unsurprised by it. They said the prosecution had erred when it charged Zimmerman with second-degree murder which, Wikipedia given Florida's laws on self-defense, made it almost impossible for the prosecution to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt with the evidence at their disposal.

Laurie Levenson, a criminal law professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles said:
Although the facts are tragic, I don't think they should have brought this as a murder case. It would have been more plausible to argue that Zimmerman was grossly negligent and that he brought on the confrontation.
Since the trial, Zimmerman has remained in the headlines -- negatively. He has seen two dropped charges of domestic violence and the aforementioned charity boxing match.

Watch it: Justin Bieber's contentious deposition caught on video

Our story about Justin Bieber's rather contentious deposition hearing in the lawsuit involving his bodyguard or bodyguards allegedly beat up a photographers now has video evidence. TMZ obtained video footage from the hearing, and posted it on Monday.

The deposition took place last week, and the report, then, of Bieber's behavior at the hearing was that he was goaded into it by his opponent's lawyer. Some of it, we noted, was when Jeffrey Binion's lawyer started peppering Bieber with questions about Selena Gomez.

The deposition itself took 4 1/2 hours to complete. However, TMZ picked out four different attitudes during the deposition that stood out -- in a negative way, naturally.

1. Arrogance and contempt: He's rich and therefore privileged, right? Bieber goes to extremes to show that he's above some others, and definitely above the lawyer of Jeffrey Binion (the photographer who sued). The snippets show the attitude he carried throughout the deposition.

2. Lovesickness: The portion of the deposition that really peeved Bieber, involving Selena Gomez questions showed that Gomez is still a tender subject. Will the two reunite? It is probably up to Gomez as the actions of Bieber show that he would probably take her back in a second.

3. Contentiousness: Here is the section of his deposition (which we discussed in our original report) when he compares the interview to a "60 Minutes" report. At one point he calls the lawyer "Katie Couric."

4. Disrespect: When asked about Usher, Bieber pretends he doesn't know him, saying "Usher? That sounds familiar." The most hilarious part was when Bieber said, "I was found on YouTube. I think I was detrimental to my own career." Some have said his recent actions have indeed been detrimental to his career.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Katy Perry's 'kiss diss' evokes Miley Cyrus Twitter slam

There probably won't be any canoodling going on between these two, at least for a while. After Katy Perry's remarks about their "Bangerz" tour kiss hit the media, Cyrus responded Thursday on Twitter, and wasn't kind to the "I Kissed a Girl" singer.

The kiss took place at a Bangerz tour event late last month in Los Angeles. Cyrus was in the middle of "Adore You" when she bent down to give Perry, who had walked up to the stage, a kiss. Perry reported that Cyrus thought their relationship was deeper than Perry believed.
I just walked up to her to give her like a friendly girly kiss, you know, as girls do, and then she like tried to move her head and go deeper and I pulled away.

God knows where that tongue has been. We don't know! That tongue is so infamous!
In response, Cyrus tweeted:
Girl if ur worried abt where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know where THAT (tongue) been.
Most would consider that a hurtful comment, as it obviously references Perry's ex, John Mayer.

It's possible the two will make up, if they talk privately. A source told HollywoodLife that Perry's supposed kiss diss was all tongue-in-cheek, though not tongue-in-mouth.
Katy didn’t think what she said about Miley’s kiss was rude or anything. At least, she didn’t intend for it to come out that way when she did the Australian TV interview. She says it was just a joke.

Katy doesn’t want to fight with Miley and thinks the whole thing is silly.
Meanwhile, another source said that Cyrus was offended by the comment, which is why the tweet was so harsh (and not a joke).
Miley thought it was really uncool of Katy to talk about their kiss like it was such a gross thing. It’s not like Katy is some innocent angel. Miley is just like, "Why are you insulting me?" She doesn’t understand why Katy felt the need to put her down when she was on Australian TV.
There isn't a tweet in response to Cyrus' on Perry's Twitter feed, at least not yet.

Did Justin Bieber throw his mother under the 'Xanax bus' during a deposition?

Justin Bieber seems to have thrown his mother under the bus during a contentious deposition on Thursday. The incident, TMZ reported, was in Miami, but not about his DUI arrest. Rather, it was in connection with a lawsuit filed by a photographer, Jeffrey Binion, who claims that last June Bieber's bodyguards attacked him while he tried to take pictures of Bieber outside Miami's Hit Factory recording studio.

During the deposition, things first became contentious when Binion's lawyer began asking Bieber if Selena Gomez was present during any incident involving fights with photographers. Bieber's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, objected to the question, apparently believing it was meant to simply anger Bieber -- which it did. However, the lawyer persisted; Weitzman jumped in and said his client was being harassed.

Eventually, Bieber and Weitzman tired of the peppering with Selena questions, and stood up and left. As he was leaving, Bieber shouted "Don't ask me about her; do not ask me about her!"

The pair returned in five minutes, but Bieber, still angry, responded to a question with the word "Yeah." When asked by Binion's lawyer "Do you mean yes?," Bieber responded, "What the f**k is the difference between yeah and yes?!" Of course, in a legal proceeding, they will often ask for clarification when someone says something aside from "yes."

Later, Bieber went into the realm of CBS, when he said, "What is this, "60 Minutes?" Still later, showing no respect for the proceedings, Bieber said, "OK, Katie Couric, what's your question again?"

Ironically, the lawyer showed Bieber multiple TMZ posts, and the singer accused the lawyer of being obsessed with the celebrity site.

Finally, Bieber seems to have thrown his mother under the bus when the lawyer asked him if he has a prescription for Xanax, to which Bieber responded, "No." You might recall that earlier Bieber said that he took anti-anxiety pills, such as Xanax, but he couldn't confirm the type. That's because he apparently just takes whatever his mother "gives him."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Watch it: Authorities release censored video of Justin Bieber urine test

On Thursday, Miami authorities finally released the footage (via TMZ) of Justin Bieber's urine test. While nine hours of video has previously been released, the judge in the case wanted to be sure that Bieber's genitals were well hidden when this video was released.

What's strange is that on Wednesday, sources said that the technicians were having difficulty blurring his genital, because Bieber was moving around as he urinated. However, the video only shows Bieber walking stall, and not moving that radically. It's also unclear why authorities said they were having technical difficulty with the video.

The footage, for those unaware, is part of the video that was taken after Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, drag racing, and driving with an expired license. There is disagreement as to just how good prosecutors' cases are, and Bieber has reportedly turned out a plea deal because he did not want any probation.

You can view the footage, such as it is, below.

The urinalysis is perhaps the key evidence in Bieber's DUI case as evidence of marijuana and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax were found in the singer's system. Bieber has pleaded not guilty.

'God knows where that tongue has been': Katy Perry explains reaction to Cyrus kiss

On Tuesday, Katy Perry dished on her mid-concert kiss from Miley Cyrus, and her comments weren't all that complimentary. Perry appeared on the Australian talk show Sunrise (as reported by E) and detailed the kiss.

It all happened at a Bangerz tour even late last month in Los Angeles. Cyrus was in the middle of "Adore You" when she bent down to give Perry, reportedly a good friend, a kiss. It is unclear if Perry thinks they are "that good" in terms of friendship.
I just walked up to her to give her like a friendly girly kiss, you know, as girls do, and then she like tried to move her head and go deeper and I pulled away.
In other words, Cyrus went for a french kiss and Perry wasn't all that comfortable with that.

Perry joked -- perhaps tongue-in-cheek rather than tongue-in-mouth,
God knows where that tongue has been. We don't know! That tongue is so infamous!
A fan posted an Instagram video of the liplock, but because of the crowd, not much can be seen -- except for Perry wiping her mouth after the kiss.

Later, Cyrus tweeted an image of the pair, above.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Miami authorities struggle to blur Justin Bieber 'penis video' for public release

It is unclear exactly why Miami authorities want to release this specific piece of video to the public, but they are trying hard (no pun intended, you will see). TMZ reported on Wednesday that the Miami Beach police want to release more Justin Bieber video, but they can't because his penis moves around too much (hilarity ensues).

According to sources, the police intend to release another jailhouse video of the "Baby" singer. This time, the superstar is seen peeing into the visible jail toilet. The fact that Bieber was caught on camera urinating has been known for some time.

However, sources say that the technicians are having difficulty blurring that part of the video. Not only is Bieber moving around as he urinates -- though it's unclear (again, no pun intended) exactly what that means -- making it a moving target, they are having technical difficulties blurring the video, as well.

Apparently the issue has become high-profile, and technicians have been working on the issue continuously since Tuesday.

As we noted before, the judge in the case has said he wants to review any videos before they are released, so the authorities have good reason to make it work well.

The footage, for those unaware, is part of the video that was taken after Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, drag racing, and driving with an expired license. There is disagreement as to just how good prosecutors' cases are, and Bieber has reportedly turned out a plea deal because he did not want any probation.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Season 18 'Dancing with the Stars' cast revealed, includes Olympic ice dancing gold medalists

The dancing machine is back. On Tuesday, "Dancing with the Stars" and ABC announced the D-list celebrities set to entertain viewers in season 18 of the show.

The cast of characters will join Tom Bergeron and new co-host Erin Andrews, starting on March 17. Andrews takes over from Brooke Burke-Charvet, who was axed after eight seasons.

Many of the people are recognizable. Many are not. The full list of contestants is as follows (alphabetically):

Sean Avery, 33, will be partnered with Karina Smirnoff, 36. Avery is a former NHL player (Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers, and Dallas Stars from 1996-2012) turned model. He is currently working at a creative advertising agency in New York City.

Candace Cameron Bure, 37, will be paired with Mark Ballas, 27. Bure is most famous for her stint on "Full House." Her brother is Kirk Cameron.

Drew Carey, 55, will tripping the light fantastic with partner Cheryl Burke, 29. Carey is known a comedian, including a past sitcom, and is currently the host of "The Price is Right."

Meryl Davis, 27, will dance with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, 34, who returns after a two-season break. Davis, ironically, will be dancing against her gold medal ice dancing partner, Charlie White -- after 17 years as a team.

NeNe Leakes, 44, is dancing with pro Tony Dovolani, 40. Reality TV fans will recognize Leakes as one of the stars of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

James Maslow, 23, is paired with Peta Murgatroyd, 27. Nickelodeon viewers will recognize him as one of the cast members of the show "Big Time Rush."

Danica McKellar, 39, will dance with Valentin Chmerkovskiy, 27 (yes, Maksim's brother, if you haven't been watching the show). McKellar, of course, is best known for her role as Winnie Cooper on "The Wonder Years," but she is also an accomplished mathematician who wrote four non-fiction books: "Math Doesn't Suck," "Kiss My Math," "Hot X: Algebra Exposed," and "Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape."

Diana Nyad, 64, will compete with partner Henry Byalikov. Nyad, you might recall, recently swam between Cuba and Florida without a shark cage, becoming the first to do so. Her achievements nabbed her a spot on Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People of 2013 list.

Amy Purdy, 34, will dance with Derek Hough, 28. Purdy lost her legs at 19 as a result of meningitis. She is a U.S. Paralympic snowboarder and "Amazing Race" star. She will become the first contestant to compete with two prosthetic legs on the show (you will recall Heather Mills -- with one prosthetic leg -- competed in 2007).

Cody Simpson, 17, is partnered with Witney Carson, 20. He seems to be following in the social media footsteps of Justin Bieber, with over 6.4 million Twitter followers, over 6.7 million Facebook likes and nearly 200 million YouTube views. The Australian teen is the youngest contestant this season, and -- wonder of wonders -- he shares the same manager as Justin Beiber.

Charlie White, 26, will appear with Shanna Burgess. As we mentioned before, he will compete against his ice dancing partner of 17 years, Meryl Davis.

Billy Dee Williams, 76, dancing with Emma Slater, 25, is this season's oldest contestant. The singer and actor is best known for his role as Lando Calrissian in "Star Wars."

The show returns on March 17.

Whoops! Pope Francis drops the f-bomb, more or less

He is just human, after all. Listen to this clip (embedded) of Pope Francis from Sunday, when he was giving a Vatican public blessing and accidentally dropped the f-bomb. The video went viral after being posted to YouTube.

Speaking from a window -- in Italian -- in St. Peter's Square, the pope made a honest mistake. He accidentally used the Italian word "cazzo," which can be translated to "f**k" or sometimes "s**t," instead of the Italian word "caso," which means "case." He quickly corrected himself. He first said:
If each one of us does not amass riches only for oneself, but half for the service of others, in this f--k.
He corrected himself, and then continued:
In this case the providence of God will become visible through this gesture of solidarity.
Most were rather forgiving of the pope, with one person commenting
He wanted to say, "in this case" -- it's a simple mistake made by a foreigner reading Italian, nothing more.
Many, though, were not as forgiving of the public in general. As cccEngineer15 commented at the YouTube video's page:
The pope says a curse accidentally and the world falls into a hole.
Fs9AirbusA300Pilot added:
Ukraine is falling apart, and this is a top story. Good priorities world.
Watch the gaffe, below.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Ellen breaks retweet record with post made during Academy Awards 2014

Ellen Degeneres made a bid to dethrone the Obamas on Sunday night, and she did, too, with a Bradley Cooper-made selfie tweet she sent in the midst of the Academy Awards show that has been retweeted 2.6 million times at the time of this writing.

It helps when you have a U.S. audience of 40 million-plus and a global audience numbering in the hundreds of millions (not the one billion often cited). Degeneres' tweeted image, shown above, included the caption:
If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars
It all started somewhat more conservatively, too, with Degeneres asking Meryl Streep to join in a selfie in an attempt to break the record. However, other celebrities piled on.

They included Jennifer Lawrence, Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Channing Tatum, Kevin Spacey took part in the selfie. Also in the picture were this year's Supporting Actress Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong'o, and her brother.

The battle for top spot was over in less than an hour, as the tweet received over 921,000 retweets in less than 40 minutes. The Obama tweet, tweeted after the President won re-election, was passed at 7:41 p.m. PT (or thereabouts), as shown in this tweet.

The big question is, will this become an annual thing, an attempt to pass the retweet record? Naturally, the odds of that happening hinge greatly on another question: Who will host the 2015 version of the Oscars?