Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Justin Bieber Miami arrest videos show stumbling, yet push-up ready superstar

Justin Bieber's team blocked certain parts of video of the singer, which was taken after his arrest in Miami on Jan. 23 on DUI and drag racing charges, 10 hours of video was released by authorities on Wednesday. In part of the video, Bieber is seen fumbling his way through a sobriety test, the New York Daily News reported.

The part of the video that Bieber's team wanted blocked showed the singer urinating in a cup for a drug test, reportedly showing his genitals. The part that was released, though, might be far more damaging to his reputation.

The 19-year-old Canadian superstar faces charges of resisting arrest, DUI and driving with an expired license. He also faces a lot of public furor from non-fans, who have gone to lengths to create petitions asking for his deportation.

A drug test found traces of marijuana and Xanax, an antidepressant, in his system. However, despite a police report saying he reeked of alcohol, Bieber only tested for a miniscule 0.014 BAC. The embedded video shows the stumbling portion. While police apparently think this is their best evidence, it is unclear that it is "that bad."

Certainly, they should be able to convict Bieber on the expired license charge, one would think, as that would seem to be incontrovertible.

In the second of the two videos below, Bieber is shown exercising his -- well, body. He is shown doing 23.5 push-ups in 28 seconds. It is unclear what sort of statement he was trying to make.

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