Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Even Satanists back away from alleged serial killer Miranda Barbour

Even Satanists want nothing to do with the so-called (and latest) "Craigslist Killer," Miranda Barbour, the Huffington Post reported on Wednesday. The 19-year-old, who told the Daily Item in a jailhouse interview that she and her newlywed husband killed Troy LeFerrara in November after meeting him on Craiglist, adding that she has killed at least 22 other people across the country, claimed to have done so as part of a Satanic cult. Satanists, though, say she is lying.

By that, the Church of Satan is saying she's lying about being a Satanist, not necessarily about her murders in general. On the other hand, the public seems equally divided -- at least at a HollywoodLife poll -- 50 percent of people think the so-called (and latest) "Craigslist Killer" is a serial killer, and 50 percent do not.

Magus Peter Gilmore, head priest of the Church of Satan, said:
According to our records, we have never had any contact from this woman, nor her accomplice. It seems to me that she is calling herself a member of a "satanic cult," not a legally incorporated above-ground form of satanism. Thorough investigation will likely demonstrate that this cult story is fiction.
The Church of Satan is not the only such religious body in the U.S. It is, however, the largest and oldest. It was founded in 1966 by Anton LaVey.

Lucien Greaves, spokesman for the rival Satanic Temple, also said his group has no ties to Barbour or her husband:
Barbour seems bent on displaying herself as prolific murderer and absolute monster, and her "Satanism" seems nothing more than another transparent effort to aid in this campaign of reverse," public relations,

It must be remembered that 'the Devil made me do it' excuse far predates any written doctrine of Satanism, and I feel certain that Barbour's own relationship with any organized Satanism will turn out to be vague or non-existent.
Miranda Barbour and her husband, Elytte, 22, are accused of killing 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara, who police say responded to an ad for “companionship” the couple on Craigslist. While Elytte Barbour strangled his

Elytte allegedly strangled LaFerrara in the front seat of his wife’s red Honda CR-V, while she stabbed him at least 20 times in November 2013.

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