Friday, February 14, 2014

Drake apologizes for rant about losing Rolling Stone cover to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Perhaps realizing he was coming across as a) a major cry-baby, b) selfish, c) an a**hole, Drake apologized (on his website, no less) on Friday for his Thursday tweets that said he was angry that Rolling Stone had taken him off its cover this week. The reason, though, was why his tweets gave readers the above impression: They replaced Drake with Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Considering Hoffman's recent death, complaints seemed just a bit over the top.

Drake said, in part:
I completely support and agree with Rolling Stone replacing me on the cover with the legendary Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He is one of the most incredible actors of our time and a man that deserves to be immortalized by this publication. My frustration stemmed from the way it was executed.
The next sentence, though, took back some of the good will he was trying to salvage. He said:
The circumstances at hand are completely justifiable (on the magazines behalf), but I was not able to salvage my story or my photos and that was devastating. They ran the issue without giving me a choice to be in it or not. I would have waited until it was my time because I understand the magnitude of the cover they chose but I just wasn't given that option and that made me feel violated. I apologize to anybody who took my initial comments out of context because in no way would I ever want to offend the Hoffman family or see myself as bigger than that moment.
In other words, yes Hoffman's death is bigger than an interview with me, but come on guys; can't you save my cover spot for another time?

Drake has deleted the offending tweets.

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