Friday, February 7, 2014

'Blame yourself' for addiction issues, Justin Bieber says to Selena Gomez

With ex-boyfriends like this -- why would you ever go back? The on-again / off-again relationship between Selena Gomez seems so off that it will never be one again. On Friday, TMZ reported that Justin Bieber is dissing his ex- to his friends, basically calling her a drunk.

Bieber is apparently doing so in response to media reports that said that Gomez blamed Bieber for being a bad influence, pressuring her into trying marijuana, for one. Gomez recently exited a rehab program called DAWN, though only 14 days into a 45-day program. Sources said combination of issues sent her to rehab, including marijuana, Ambien, and alcohol abuse.

Meanwhile, sources told the celebrity site that although Bieber acknowledges he gets wasted while partying, whenever he had partied with Gomez she was almost competitive (if it was to be a competition, that is). Bieber said she smoked as much pot as the men in his team, sometimes even more.

Sources also said that Gomez was a big fan of alcohol, as well.

Bieber is, the report continues, very happy that he is no longer with Gomez because -- get this -- she is just too high maintenance and out of control for him.

Some might wonder if  he's actually speaking about himself.

It seems clear that Gomez is addicted to one other thing: Justin Bieber. Breaking that habit might be harder than any other addiction.

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