Thursday, February 20, 2014

Barbara Walters offered chance to roll in the (Dil) dough, after vibrator admission

Barbara Walters stunned some this week on "The View," when she said that at the age of 84, she still uses a vibrator. Never at a loss for a PR chance, a company called Phallix contacted her for a possible endorsement deal, TMZ reported on Thursday.

The possibility of a deal being struck is, of course, nil. However, the fact that the company made the offer is making news, and thus free marketing for Phallix.

Phallix sent the letter, available here, to ABC's New York City offices. Tongue firmly planted in -- cheek, you folks with your minds in the gutter -- Phallix said, in part:
... we'd love to enter into a deeper (obvious LOL) discussion with you about our already developed line of wands with the needs of our over 60 clientele's slower speed in mind. Our most successful wand has been magically flying off the shelves this week due to your revelation is our "Dichroic wrapped" massage wand.
According to Phallix, the material used in their product is dichroic glass, which resulted from materials research done by NASA and NASA contractors, not for use in vibrators, but for dichroic filters.

Not only will Walters pass because a) she doesn't need the money, b) do you really think she would endorse something like that, she has also backpedaled on the vibrator story. On Wednesday's "The View," she said it was all a joke.
I don't have a vibrator! I don't even put my cellphone on vibrate! Can I say it again? I do not have a vibrator!
Video of Walters exposure of "Selfie," her fictional vibrator, is embedded.

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