Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Video shows alleged victim of Kanye West beatdown and bizarre pre-incident behavior

Details continue to emerge in the case of Kanye West's fist vs. the face of a still-unnamed 18-year-old man. The incident took place on Monday, at a chiropractor's office, reported the USA Today.

The initial report is as follows: Kim Kardashian was at a Beverly Hills medical building -- apparently for a meeting about furniture for her new home when she was -- as is typical -- she was assailed by paparazzi. The man apparently tried to help her get into the building, but he raised her hackles when he shouted "F**k these f****t-ass n****rs"" (to the paparazzi).

Kardashian then admonished him, at which point he said, "F**k you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut."

She then dialed Kanye West and reported the matter, but the man -- after realizing she was talking to West -- allegedly shouted "F**k you n****r." Kanye had just arrived at the building, and after meeting Kim, found the man in a nearby chiropractor's office. That is where Kanye "punched the guy," reported TMZ.

Here's the thing: As lovers of the classic "People's Court" series will recall, Judge Joseph Wapner would often tell people that "mere words don't mean you can punch someone out" (heavily paraphrased). Technically, West committed battery, and according to reports is now officially a suspect in a battery investigation.

Kim has claimed the mean threatened to kill her and has said she is going to file a police report of her own against him. Technically, that verbiage by the man could be considered assault.

A video of the man's pre-punch-out behavior is embedded.

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