Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kanye West reaches settlement with alleged Beverly HIlls beating victim

Money talks. The Kanye West / "unnamed victim in a chiropractor's office" case has been settled, TMZ reported on Tuesday.

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As we reported earlier, in mid-January Kim Kardashian was at a Beverly Hills medical building -- apparently for a meeting about furniture for her new home when she was -- as is typical -- assailed by paparazzi. The victim apparently tried to help her get into the building. That was all well and good, but he raised her hackles when he shouted "F**k these f****t-ass n****rs"" (to the paparazzi).

Kardashian then admonished him, at which point he said, "F**k you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut."

She then dialed her personal 911, Kanye West and reported the matter. The man -- after realizing she was talking to West -- allegedly shouted "F**k you n****r." Kanye had just arrived at the building, and after meeting with Kardashian, found the man in a nearby chiropractor's office. That is where Kanye "punched the guy."

It was, therefore, a good thing the man was visiting the chiropractor, as he could get some adjustments, right away.

Now, just a couple of weeks later, the two sides have apparently settled their dispute, monetarily. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the district attorney has not decided whether or not to charge West with battery. As the celebrity news website said, though, since the victim, having been paid off, no longer has an interest in pursuing the matter, there is very little chance a charge will be made.

While the settlement seems large, at more than $250,000, it's actually a lot smaller than the negotiations reached. Reportedly, the victim attempted to get a settlement in the high six figure range.

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