Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Justin Bieber police escort draws scrutiny

Generally speaking, celebrities expect "special treatment," but when that treatment involves public services such as the police, approval is required. Monday night, when Justin Bieber arrived in Florida to visit both the Mansion night club and the King of Diamonds strip club, he received what appeared to be a police escort (video via TMZ), and that was not approved by the chief of police.

According to TMZ's report, after Bieber touched down, a fan posted a video (embedded), claiming it was Bieber and his entourage receiving an escort from the airport from two Opa-Locka, Fla., Police Department cruisers. In the video, a police cruiser can be seen first, then an SUV, then a sedan, and finally another police cruiser.

When contacted about the police escort, TMZ was told "usage of the (police) vehicles was unauthorized by the Chief." In addition, the spokesperson said that an investigation into the matter would be undertaken.

Bieber's main purpose for the Florida trip, it would appear, was to go to the King of Diamonds to attend Lil Scrappy's birthday party. He reportedly plunked down $75,000 in ones at the famous strip club.

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