Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Justin Bieber mulling exit from his Calabasas community

Justin Bieber's neighbors in the Calabasas community that he currently calls homes may be dancing a jig right about now. According to a Tuesday report in TMZ, Bieber is "outta there."

TMZ's statements on Bieber's opinion of the matter are a little convoluted, though. According to the gossip site, "We're told the egging incident and the Sheriff's raid on Bieber's home were the final straw." Wait, so Bieber's own egging of his neighbor -- the same one that he allegedly spit on last year, mind you -- was part of the final straw? That is hard to understand since Bieber has free will and he wasn't forced to egg his neighbor's house.

The sheriff's raid, a result of that egging, can be seen as a direct consequence of Bieber's own actions, too.

At any rate, Bieber is reportedly openly discussing listing his house and getting out of dodge.

His timing could not be better. After all, such a move would relieve Kourtney Kardashian of being subjected to his antics. She just bought Keyshawn Johnson's nearby estate, and as you may recall, Johnson has had multiple run-ins with Bieber, his friends, and his bodyguards at The Oaks gated community. Johnson has said that the sale has nothing to do with Bieber.

Among the stories involving Justin and The Oaks:
  • Bieber allegedly raced through the community at 100 MPH.
  • The alleged spitting incident, which occurred when his neighbor confronted Bieber about the above incident.
  • Tyler the Creator said it was him, not Bieber, who drove at that breakneck pace.
  • BFFs Lil Za and Lil Twist caught racing through the community.
  • The egg pelting

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