Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Justin Bieber drag racing, DUI case continues to unravel

The Justin Bieber drag racing / speeding / DUI / resisting arrest case is seeing further developments leaked, and those who might want to see the Biebs get some incarceration time in the hopes it will straighten him out should probably lessen their expectations. Per an early Tuesday morning TMZ report, the case continues to fall apart.

It's already been reported that -- unlike the earliest reports -- Justin Bieber's BAC was a miniscule 0.014. While that seems to confirm what Bieber said, that he had a beer -- and he is underage -- that's too low to be DUI. Meanwhile, the police report said an officer "smelled an odor of alcohol" on him ... ?

Meanwhile, Khalil, who was the driving the red Ferrari which was supposedly racing Bieber's yellow Lamborghini last week, the data from his breathalyzer test showed 0.00. Sources close to the rapper say he doesn't drink at all.

The drag racing portion of the case seems to have been destroyed by GPS data and video.

On the other hand, officers do say that both Bieber and Khalil failed field sobriety tests. That could mean they were high on something other than alcohol. If true, that could confirm the report's statements, but urinalysis results are still pending.

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