Thursday, January 30, 2014

Excessive pot smoking costs Justin Bieber $5K from his Fla. mansion rental security deposit

Justin Bieber's toxicology report came in on Thursday, and evidence of marijuana use was uncovered. That might explain the damage done to the rented Miami mansion he used during his stay in Florida; TMZ reported (also on Thursday) it was so permeated with pot smoke that the pop singer was charged $5,000 to clear the smell out.

Sources close to those charged with cleaning the mansion clued the celebrity site into the details. Bieber rented the five-bedroom home for seven days through a website called, and -- as you might expect -- not just he but his BFFs smoked a ton of week in the house.

While Bieber paid $4,200 a night for the house, from Jan. 18 to 25, he also put down a security deposit of $20,000. He received only $15,000 of that deposit back, as the cleaners estimate it will cost around $5,000 to make the house rentable again.

Looking at's website, it seems they rent more than just accomodations; they also rent luxury cars. The about section of the site says:
Carefree Lifestyle is a FULL luxury concierge company that provides vacationers with a unique, unmatched travel experience. Carefree Lifestyle was created for clients interested in enjoying first class vacation luxuries at a reasonable price.
Wait, why would Justin care about the cost being reasonable -- or not?

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