Thursday, January 23, 2014

CCTV courtroom video contrasts defiant Justin Bieber with grinning mug shot

Justin Bieber appeared in court on Thursday, as a judge set bail in his drag racing / DUI / resisting arrest / driving on a suspended license case. Footage of the events were captured on CCTV (embedded via TMZ).

The video shows Bieber wearing typical jail garb, but with his sleeves rolled up. As TMZ said,
Check out how Bieber rolled up his jumpsuit sleeves. He let his arms do the talking because he said nothing ...
The appearance is a lot more defiant than his mug shot.  That (embedded above) shows a smiling, almost happy Bieber.

The judge apparently set bail at $2,500.  Bieber probably had that in his wallet.

Justin Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning, for drag racing, but had a number of other charges tacked on, including DUI. Reportedly, Bieber was measured at a mere .04. In most states, that is legal, but he is not 21 or older. Florida says that for underage drivers, a BAC above .02 is ground for an automatic license suspension.

Of course, Bieber didn't have a valid Florida license. He didn't have any valid license, as the license he had (a Georgia license, according to the police report) was expired.

Selena Gomez might want to pay a little attention here. Bieber wasn't alone in the yellow rented Lamborghini. His passenger was a model, Chantel Jeffries, who has dated multiple celebs including NFL superstar DeSean Jackson.

The full police report can be found here.

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