Monday, January 13, 2014

Authorities fast-track Justin Bieber 'house egging' case

It is Monday, Jan. 13, and the neighbor whose home was allegedly pelted with eggs on Thursday night has to provide the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department with repair estimates by today, TMZ reported.

The unnamed neighbor has had previous run-ins with Bieber. He reportedly "heard something banging against his house in Calabasas around 7:30 p.m. Thursday; when he stepped onto his second floor balcony, he said he saw Bieber below throwing eggs at his front door.

He also captured video (embedded).

Sources say that the entire front side of the neighbor's home must be re-plastered -- and that it is very expensive Venetian plaster -- which will cost around $15,000. In addition, the entry will require another $5,000 for repair; the cost includes various doors that must be re-stained.

Authorities are fast-tracking the investigation and have told the neighbor to supply repair estimates by today; it's said that he already has the paperwork in hand. Once all the t's are crossed, the case will be referred to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, who will then determine if charges will be filed.

Felony vandalism charges are possible, as the damages exceed the $400 figure below above which felony charges can be filed.

Does Bieber have his celebrity invulnerability turned on? Remember that last year, he was not charged for spitting at a neighbor. At the time, prosecutors said that:
Bieber's response to the incident "seems disproportionate and immature," but the evidence did not show "beyond a reasonable doubt" that his actions were criminal.
Considering egging a house is often a juvenile incident, one has to wonder what will happen in this case.

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