Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Do you 'belieb' Justin is retiring?

Does anyone really believe that Justin Bieber would forgo the fame, fortune, and more importantly, based on his past behavior, the power of his singing career? That's what he told Los Angeles radio station Power 106 on Tuesday (per the Detroit Free Press).

Bieber, 19, said,
After the new album ("Journals"), I'm actually, I'm retiring man, I'm retiring.
“Journals” is set to arrive on Dec. 23 on iTunes. The album all of his "Music Monday" releases along with five other new tracks.

Twitter went wild over the possibility that Bieber was retiring.

@celebnellz: Retiring ? Justin Bieber I will slap you.

@DahBieberWorld: I actually wanna bloody cry in class cos am hearing that justin is retiring from music :'( @justinbieber is it true?:(

Not everyone is upset though.

@D_Martin90: Justin Bieber has retired! Christmas has come early!

Bieber fans needn't worry, though (and Bieber critics needn't crow). Sources have told TMZ the whole thing is a big joke. He just didn't save it for April Fool's Day, like Lilo did.

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