Thursday, November 7, 2013

No prostitute involved in viral Justin Bieber video: Report

Despite Justin Bieber's reported visit to a noted Brazilian brothel, the embedded video is not what it seems, TMZ said on Thursday.

The video, which went viral on YouTube, shows what appears to be a passed out Bieber in a bed, and shows an unidentified woman blowing a kiss to hims. Rumors quickly spread, perhaps fueled by Bieber's reported trip to Centauros, a Rio house of ill repute, that said that the woman was a prostitute.

According to reports from members of Bieber's camp -- which, naturally, should be taken with a grain of salt -- - Justin Bieber had rented a home outside of Rio to stay at during his Brazilian tour leg. After the show, he threw an after-party and invited about 50 people.

At some point during the party, Bieber fell asleep on a couch and one of the partygoers shot footage of the singer sleeping.

Meanwhile, it appears that Bieber was creeped out by the video. He is also -- friends say -- upset that he now has to defend himself against false claims of prostitution. The bottom line, according to TMZ and the Bieber camp members, is that there was no prostitution involved, at least outside of Centauros.

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