Monday, November 4, 2013

Brazilian 'Believe' tour leg: Watch Justin Bieber storm off after being hit with water bottle

Pop superstar Justin Bieber walked offstage on Saturday night after being hit in the hand with a water bottle (shown in embedded video). It was just one of the Brazilian snafus that have occurred in this leg of his "Believe" tour, as the Globe and Mail also reported on his Saturday night tardiness and his visit to an infamous Brazilian brothel.

Bieber was close to the end of his set singing "Boyfriend," which he has been following up with "Baby" on his tour. The bottle water knocked his microphone out of his hand, after which he who looked menacingly into the audience prior to turning and walking off without saying a word.

Fans stayed in hopes of a return, but it was not to be. Bieber had already annoyed the crowd, as he arrived 20 minutes late to his concert at Anhembi Arena, another example of his tardiness to his venues. In addition, Bieber showed up over three hours late for a scheduled meet-and-greet with fans, who were given only a few moments with him despite reportedly paying up to $1,500.

In terms of the brothel, Bieber apparently spent three hours at an infamous Rio de Janeiro house of ill repute named Centauros before attempting to exit anonymously. That didn't work too well, as everyone recognized his bodyguards.

Photos that appear to show Bieber, wrapped in a bedsheet and leaving the brothel made the front pages of papers all over Brazil.

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