Monday, October 14, 2013

'Walking Dead' season four premiere: '30 Days Without An Accident' doesn't reach 31

The fourth season of "The Walking Dead" premiered on Sunday (via AMC), and as with season three, time has passed for our "Walking Dead" group, with things changing. The overarching theme, though, is still there: survive the zombie apocalypse, with no end in sight.

The title of the episode, "30 Days Without An Accident," tells you the survivors have gone a month without losing a member. It starts off slowly, but you can bet there would be a death somewhere, and you'd be right.

With Woodbury and the Governor -- still at large from season three, mind you -- a memory, the prison group is trying to live on. Rick, for one, is no longer the "dictator," but rather is shown "farming" at the beginning of the episode. Meanwhile, though, it's clear that even just standing there, the prison has attracted more zombie attention than before, as volunteers are forced to slow down the numbers -- and prevent them, perhaps, from breaking through the ever-so-tenuous fence -- stabbing and killing the walkers through the fence.

Who's in charge, though? With Rick no longer in that role, there is a new council overseeing things: Carol, Glenn, Hershel, Sasha and Daryl.

Of these, Sasha is the newest to the group. She is Tyreese's younger sister, and represents, so to speak, the Woodbury survivors.

Where is the action, though? Are we seeing a return to season two's relative -- until the end -- peace? Not really. Farming isn't enough to sustain the group, so Rick volunteers to check the traps they use for game, while a group led by Daryl prepares to raid a local shop.

Daryl, Glenn, newcomer Zach, Sasha, Micchone and another new arrival, Bob, head off to Big Sp!t, a big-box store. Glenn fights to keep Maggie at the prison. As he later pauses at a store display featuring baby pictures, it seems Maggie is probably pregnant. Zach, it turns out, is Beth's boyfriend, which we know means he's not long for the series.

And he is not. Bob screws things up royally when, upon trying to decide if he does or does not want to fall off the wagon, he puts a bottle back on a wine shelf, only to see it collapse. At this point, the zombies on the roof of the store begin raining down, and the typical WD fight begins.

Zach, however, gets bitten on the leg. So long, Zach, we barely knew ye.

Meanwhile, Rick is out checking those traps when he runs into an Irish woman who begs to be added to the ranks of the prison's group. Rick agrees if she and her husband will answer three questions first (and, we presume, if they answer in a way he likes)

She takes him back to her husband. However, her husband isn't alive, but undead. Eddie, it seems, loves fresh meat, so she turns on Rick and tries to kill him. Eventually, though, she turns her knife on herself, and kills herself, as the guilt of what she had done to survive was too much for her.

The three questions, by the way, were: “How many walkers have you killed?,” “How many people have you killed?,” and “Why?”

We find out that Maggie isn't pregnant, after all. We also find out that Carol is holding "Story Time" for the children. However, as soon the lone adult attendee leaves, we learn that Story Time is actually self-defense time. Carl, naturally, needs no such training, and Carol begs him not to tell Rick.

Newcomer Patrick, though, isn't feeling to well, and heads off to vomit. Instead, though, he dies and reanimates.

The title of the next episode gives us a clue as to what is happening: "Infected."

AMC's sneak peek at the episode is embedded.

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