Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Katharine McPhee caught dallying with 'Smash' director Michael Morris; affair or just dating?

Katharine McPhee ("Smash," "American Idol") has been caught dallying with her former "Smash" director, Michael Morris, in photos published by TMZ on Tuesday. We say dallying because both are still currently married to others, although both marriages appear in trouble.

McPhee, 29, has been married since 2008 to 47-year-old producer Nick Cokas; the couple has no children. Meanwhile, Morris has been married to Mary McCormack, 44, since July of 2003. They have three daughters, Margaret (born 2004), Rose (born 2007), and Lillian (born 2011).

Sources close to McPhee and Cokas told TMZ that the have been separated for six months and are living separately. Life & Style magazine reported, similarly, that a family friend said that the couple have "been separated for six months."

There is no report on trouble in the Morris / McCormack marriage. However, Morris and McPhee were quite public with their display of affection.

Morris and McPhee met on the set of the NBC musical drama "Smash," which was canceled in May of this year, following its second season.

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