Monday, October 7, 2013

Instagram Image purportedly shows Justin Bieber smoking in the company of Ariana Grande

Doesn't anyone remember that Justin Bieber's partying policy is that any pictures belong to him? A new photo hit the rounds of social media on Monday, including Twitter. The key, though, is that many believe the photo shows Bieber again enjoying a toke of marijuana.

The photo reportedly originated on Instagram. This isn't the first time Bieber has been caught on camera purportedly smoking weed. This is, as was the other case, just a supposition, though.

Another interesting tidbit in the photo is a young woman next to Bieber, one who looks strikingly like Ariana Grande, who Bieber has reportedly flirted with. Grande has publicly denied anything more than a friendship with the Biebs.

According to TMZ, sources close to both singers said the girl in the photo wasn't Ariana Grande, after all, and that the image had been Photoshopped to make it appear that Bieber was lighting up some weed.

TMZ's art department, though, disagreed, saying the photo did not appear doctored.

The photo of Bieber and the lookalike emerged on the same day as a tweet from Grande's ex-boyfriend, Jai Lewis, who accused, that her of cheating on him. His long Twitter rant, though, accused her of cheating with her current beau, Nathan Sykes.

While not naming names, Grande tweeted what looked to be a response, in which she said "You said to me if I didn't come back to you, you'd make me look bad to the entire world."

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