Tuesday, October 8, 2013

'Carrie' prank sends New York coffee shop patrons running

A New York City coffee shop was used by producers of the upcoming "Carrie" movie remake to prank a number of unsuspecting customers. The video was posted to YouTube on Monday.

The location was an actual coffee shop, 'Snice Cafe in West Village in New York City. We have to wonder how much the producers paid the shop for use of its location; not only did they put up a fake wall for the stunt, they also installed a number of remotely controlled tables and chairs and you had to figure the shop was empty for a while after the panic ensued.

Yes, there was panic. The idea was to show a man "spill" a woman's coffee, after which the telekinetically-endowed woman pins him to the wall and makes chairs and tables go askew.

"Carrie," of course, is a movie about a young teen who has telekinetic powers. According to Wikipedia, the new version is more faithful to the 1974 Stephen King novel than the original 1976 movie, which starred Sissy Spacek.

Originally scheduled to release to theaters on March 15, 2013, the film's public launch was later postponed to Oct. 18, 2013. That puts it closer to Halloween, but according to lead actress Chloe Moretz, that was done not to move it closers to an appropriate holiday, but to "extend certain scenes and amp up their level of horror."

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