Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Security footage seems to back up George Zimmerman punching incident report

Security footage seems to back up the story of George Zimmerman's father-in-law. TMZ reported on Wednesday of an incident in which Trayvon Martin's shooter allegedly punched his estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman's father in the face.

The footage was captured on a home security system moments after the alleged fisticuffs took place at the Florida rental home where George and Shellie Zimmerman had previously been living. It backs up Shellie's 911 call, in which she told an operator that George used a pocket knife on her father's iPad and then smashed it.

Although the video is too poor to make out a pocket knife, it is clear that George is working on the device somehow. It's also clear that he does throw it to the ground.

Moments later, Shellie Zimmerman recovered the iPad.

While you can't actually make out a pocket knife in the footage, it's obvious George is finagling with the device ... before he tosses it on the ground.

Shellie recovers the iPad moments later.

In addition to that footage, on Wednesday Lake Mary police released dashcam footage showing police detaining and handcuffing George Zimmerman.

It's a scene right out of "C.O.P.S."

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