Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NASCAR driver slapped by rival driver's girlfriend after accident

It looks like racing has become a slap-happy affair. Moments after completing an interview in which he blamed fellow Camping World Truck Series driver Mike Skeen for a crash, Max Papis was slapped in the face by Skeen's girlfriend, Kelly Heaphy. The incident, which took place on Sunday, can be seen in the video below, provided by The Daily Mail. In the interview, Papis said:
The six car [driven by Mr Skeen], I knew was going to do something, you know, not really sportsmanship, because that's what he did before... it was just an amateur move.
Papis later tweeted that the slap dislocated his jaw. Still later, though, he clarified that since English is not his first language, what he meant was that his jaw was "moved around and sprained." Ironically, Papis himself slapped another driver earlier this year, but in that case, his victim, Billy Johnson, still had his helmet on. That slap also came after an accident. At the time, Johnson accepted fault for the accident, but said:
I guess he (Papis) was living up to his name, "Mad Max."

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