Thursday, September 19, 2013

'Ax Men' copter pilot killed in 'freak accident'

A helicopter pilot featured in the reality TV series "Ax Men" has been killed in what is described as a "freak helicopter accident," TMZ reported on Wednesday.

"Ax Men" is a History Channel series. William Bart Colantuono appeared on season three of the show.

The History Channel's blurb on his says:
Bart Colantuono just joined R&R Aviation as their senior helicopter pilot. With more than 15,000 flying hours under his belt, Bart will be a key factor in getting R&R back to the place it was nine months ago–making money logging. Bart will also determine the fate of junior pilot Steve Smith’s future with R&R. Smith’s hard landing forced the company to shut down last December and now owner Ryan Conner has asked Bart to fly with him and decide if he has what it takes.

Bart is a smart pilot who isn’t afraid to take risks. He’s been flying for long time and views helicopter logging as a competitive sport. He competes against himself, against the machine and against the weather. At the end of each day, the amount of logs left up on the landing tells him if he’s won or lost. Bart has a lot riding on is shoulders, and he believes he’s ready for the challenge.
It is, as yet, unclear what happened.

Witnesses told the authorities that Colantuono released his logs before the accident, indicating he was aware of a problem. Witnesses added that they also saw a rotor separate from the chopper before it flipped and crashed, upside down.

It is unclear if they were referring to the tail rotor or the main rotor blade.

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