Monday, August 5, 2013

Adult video residuals show up as damaging Nadya Suleman welfare fraud evidence

What would Octomom's 14 children do without her? The world may find out if an investigation around possible welfare fraud continues as it seems to be, based on a report on Monday.

Originally, TMZ said that the Los Angeles County of Welfare and Fraud Department had opened an investigation Suleman, who famously worked on a self-service porn video in 2012, for Wicked. The department had already determined that Octomom had been overpaid $15,683 in welfare funds from January to May of 2013.

However, payment records from Wicked may make things worse. For this year, Suleman has earned the following residuals:
  • January -- $1,839.74
  • February -- $2,537.27
  • March -- $1,807.97
  • April -- $7,381.99
  • May -- $3,026.67
  • June -- $1,295.37
The six-month total is $17,889.01. Notably, because of her 14 children, Suleman can earn $110,000 and still be on welfare. Despite the fact that the amount seems huge, it's been reported that officials believe she hasn't just exceeded that amount, she's nearly doubled it, earning about $200,000 or more.

Suleman could be charged with welfare fraud, which is a felony. If convicted she would face prison time, but it is possible that the court could simply ask her to pay back the funds.

Meanwhile, also on Monday, it was reported that another celebrity had joined Octomom in the self-service sex video business: Sydney Leathers, better known as one of Anthony Weiner's sexting partners.

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