Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More just just a small fire: Amanda Bynes placed flaming cloth atop gas can

 photo AmandaBynes.jpg
There's more to Amanda Bynes' Monday night 5150 hold than just her starting a fire in someone's driveway. In addition, according to a 911 caller, she put a flaming cloth on top of a "gasoline tank."

While the caller said the fire was "small," the prospect of a flaming cloth being placed atop a gas tank -- which we assume was meant to mean a gasoline can -- is daunting. Although the caller was unsure if the can was full or not, it's true that gasoline vapors are extremely flammable, and even if there was no gasoline in the can, there were undoubtedly vapors.

The eyewitness also spoke to reporters earlier today, saying he found Bynes lying down near the driveway with her left pant leg on fire. Although Bynes didn't appear injured, as she quickly put out the flames, the troubled actress said her dog had been burned.

He added that after he confronted Amanda about the fire, he says she left in a cab.

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