Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sidney Elaine Leathers, Anthony Weiner's 2012 Twitter sext partner exposed

Details have emerged in the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal (part two, that is). TMZ reached out to Weiner's 2012 sexting partner, Sydney Elaine Leathers, 23, on Wednesday, with pictures and information as a result.

Leathers -- somewhat of an appropriate name, don't you think? -- shared an image of herself in a mirror, showing off her rear in a thong. Most of her communication with Weiner reportedly occurred on Facebook, but that account has been deleted (cache). There is a similarly named, but protected account on Twitter, though, and from that a lot of Twitpic images can be found.

A slideshow of those images can be seen here.

Leathers reportedly sent Weiner up to 30 images of herself during the summer of 2012, which was one year after Weiner resigned from Congress. Most believed that he had halted his sexting on Facebook and otherwise when he exited the House of Representatives, but it now appears he did not.

Leathers also said that Weiner has a foot fetish, as he regularly asked for pictures of Leathers' feet in heels. In exchange, Leathers reportedly received pictures of Weiner's "weiner," in return.

Leathers has said that Weiner promised her a job with Politico as well as a condo in Chicago. The recipient of the sext that brought Weiner down (the first time, anyway), Gennette Cordova, had this to say about that, on Twitter:
The stupid part was believing a 22-year-old can be strung along for 6 months, abandoned & trusted to keep quiet.
Notably, Cordova wasn't sexting with Weiner, per se, but was the innocent recipient of what appeared to be his attempted inquiries into such a "relationship."

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