Thursday, July 11, 2013

Serving drinks to an underage Justin Bieber and team earns club a citation

Jelena has reunited, but only if Justin Bieber can stay on the straight and narrow. That was revealed earlier on Thursday. Later on Thursday, though, came an example of the bad boy behavior that Selena Gomez wants Bieber to stop.

Everything happened Tuesday night at the Bodi nightclub in Chicago. After receiving a tip that Justin Bieber and his "Wild Kidz" crew were inside the 21-and-up club, police arrived to discover that was indeed the case. Not only that, the "kids" were drinking.

It's unclear if the "tip" was via the above image. It shows Bieber and some BFFs in the club and was shared to Instagram.

Once they learned that Bieber and crew were drinking, the authorities immediately kicked the group out of the club, and cited the club for "serving / allowing persons under 21 on premises without a parent / guardian."

The citation specifically referred to Justin Bieber and his "entourage."

A representative for the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection said:
The ticket was issued by the police to Bodi Nightclub for admitting and knowingly having underage persons in the establishment.

Typically the fine for a ticket like this would be $1,000.00, but the fine is not determined until the case is heard by a hearing officer and if the establishment is found liable for the violation.

A hearing on the incident will apparently will be scheduled for the near future; it's the club, not Bieber in hot water, so the pop superstar will probably not be required to attend.

On the other hand, based on the reports of Gomez's demands with regard to a relationship with Bieber, he might he hammered by his on-again / off-again girlfriend. Gomez reportedly agreed to take back Bieber conditionally, meaning if and only if Justin mended his ways and stopped his bad-boy antics. It's unclear how this will be seen and if the couple will remain together.

Still, considering how many chances Gomez has given Bieber, there is a good chance she will forgive, but perhaps not forget.

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