Friday, July 19, 2013

Police officer investigated for role in Andy San Dimas' unicorn dance

Adult film star Andy San Dimas was kicked out of a ball park for provocatively dancing (embedded) while wearing a unicorn head last week, but on Thursday, one of the police officers associated with the events came under fire.

San Dimas was apparently kicked out of PNC Park during the Pittsburgh Pirates versus New York Mets game on July 13. It was a picture uploaded to Instagram (above), showing San Dimas posing in a Pittsburgh police station with an apparent sergeant that set off an investigation that Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Mike Huss discussed Thursday. Huss said:
I always hate to see anybody that disrespects that uniform, and to me, it was disrespectful to the uniform. It’s being looked at and will be addressed.

Especially the fact that it’s a sergeant uniform. This is someone that is a supervisor that we look up to, to lead other officers. It’s not the example we’re looking for.
The Instagram photo was posted via Twitter by San Dimas' companion at the game, Steviee Hughes, but the tweet has since been deleted.

The incident took place on July 13. Reportedly, San Dimas was set to strip later that evening at Cheerleaders Gentleman's Club in Pittsburgh. San Dimas refused to stop her dance when an usher asked her, and when security came, ended up leaving the ballpark.

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