Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Linda Hogan finds lost memorabilia on eBay, but won't bid because she doesn't know how to use the site

Linda Hogan has found a number of lost pieces of family memorabilia on eBay, it was reported on Tuesday. To be clear, it appears the items were indeed lost accidentally, not stolen.

Apparently, a number of items, including family photos, a confidentiality agreement, a CD of Brooke Hogan's first single, and a fake cake with broken, but fixable toys attached were mistakenly taken from her Los Angeles storage unit.

Linda Hogan says the items must have been taken accidentally two months ago when she hired some movers to take some items from storage to Goodwill. The eBay sale -- which Hogan has now validated as real -- says that the seller discovered the items at a local thrift store. While not stating "which" thrift store, Goodwill comes to mind.

The pictures include Nick Hogan's christening, and Linda Hogan is desperate to get the items back. She said:
No family photos were ever given to anyone. I would never give away baby pictures of my kids!!!
Linda Hogan said she will not make a bid on the item because she "doesn't know how to use eBay." She added that she hopes the seller will give the items back to her, free of charge, but it's unclear he will even know of her desire unless she reads this or she at least contacts him via eBay -- which she doesn't know how to use.

The auction -- which the original report didn't link to but which is available here -- says the following:
Okay Hulk Fans, here is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire something really unique. Found at my local thrift store, this auction includes family photos framed which once adorned the Hogan family homes, movie script, a confidentiality agreement, and faux cake with broken, but fixable toys attached. This auction includes the pictures, movie script, CD, and cake. You will also receive the original receipts of purchase, the original thrift store tags attached and information on the store where purchased and one other item that I will share with the buyer only. Rare rare rare rare rare.
There are currently no bids on the auction, which starts at $1,000.

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