Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Justin Bieber caught 'honoring' restaurant by urinating in mop bucket [Video]

Justin Bieber hasn't managed to turn off his Beliebers with his recent antics, but perhaps this video will do the trick. The video, unveiled by TMZ on Wednesday, shows the pop superstar peeing in a restaurant's mop bucket, while he and his team call themselves the "Wild Kidz."

The site claims the video was taken earlier this year, but a commented notes that the lack of a specific tattoo means that it was taken pre-January 2012. That would mean he was 17 -- he didn't turn 18 until March of 2012 -- and some Beliebers are using this as an excuse for the "kid" he was.

It's hard to excuse the behavior he and his entourage exhibited, though. His "team" can be heard cackling and implying that the restaurant should be honored that Bieber chose to urinate in their mop bucket. Comments such as:
This is just the coolest spot to piss. You know; you'll forever remember that.
can be heard on the video.

It's unclear why Bieber didn't take the time to find an actual restroom, although it could be that he was trying to quickly leave through a back exit and decided this was the "best option." Of course, for the worker who had to use the bucket later, it was a pain, as he had to empty and refill the bucket.

Let's hope, though, that he even did that. If he was unaware of Bieber's antics, he could have used that bucket to mop the floor, spreading Bieber urine all over the restaurant -- which, based on the aforementioned comments, the restaurant should be even more honored to have happen.

When leaving, Bieber sprayed a photo of Bill Clinton with cleaning liquid for some unknown reason, saying, "F*** Bill Clinton!" as he did so.

It's unclear what Clinton ever did to Bieber. Bieber is Canadian so Clinton was never his president.

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