Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jelena reunites, but only if Justin Bieber mends his bad-boy ways

The latest news in the Selena Gomez - Justin Bieber saga is that the actress / singer has taken her on-again / off-again beau back again, according to a report on Thursday. There is a catch, though, and one that might make the residents of his gated Calabasas community smile: He has to stop acting like a jackass.

Apparently, despite making trips to join Bieber on his recent concert tour, Gomez still hasn't taken him back in terms of being back together in a relationship. She has hesitated due to the bad behavior being exhibited by him and his "Wild Kidz" entourage.

(The latest unearthed example, though admittedly an old one, shows the "Wild Kidz" pack leader urinating in a restaurant's mop bucket instead of simply using a restroom).

Bieber, however, was able to change her mind, with the decision being made on July 4. Instead of Independence Day, it was a reunion day, of sorts, and Gomez took him back with the provision being that he change his ways and become a better citizen. Whether or not he can manage to rein in, not just himself, but his BFFs, remains to be seen.

However, sources say that Bieber and his BFFs have taken note of the backlash against them by non-Beliebers (Beliebers will excuse just about any behavior). It's certain that Bieber's manager and his record label have spoken to him about his antics, too.nge him, it's her.

A notably unscientific survey at TMZ, though, says that Gomez won't be able to save Bieber, that he'll backslide. Then they will split again. Later, as Gomez seems unable to move on, they will reunite.

The couple should have a double date with Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

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