Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ice Cube tells Dwight Howard what he thinks of his defection in NSFW concert video

Los Angeles Lakers superfan Ice Cube joined the chorus of those saying "Good riddance" to Dwight Howard since the NBA star chose to sign with the Houston Rockets. A new YouTube video, uploaded on Monday, shows Ice Cube's rant at recent concert.

Among those who already dissed Howard wwer Shaquille O'Neal, who said "Not everyone can handle being under the bright lights (of L.A.)," and Phil Jackson, who said "He left a distaste in Lakerland." A number of fans chimed in and even burned their Howard jerseys.

Meanwhile, Ice Cube really let fans know how he feels during a live show at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday. He said,
F**k Dwight Howard, goddamn it. We don't need no punk ass motherf**kers on our team.
We don't give a f**k about a Dwight Coward.

We don't need no bitches on our team, homie. [...]

So I predict tonight, Kobe will win another championship before Dwight Howard ever sniffs one.

I'm glad I got that off my chest.
Watch the embedded video, but remember it has quite a bit of offensive (and NSFW on speakers) language.

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