Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Former NFL great defends Justin Bieber, calls him a 'great neighbor'

He's a great neighbor, really. Former NFL great and three-time Super Bowl champion Willie McGinest defended Justin Bieber on Tuesday, and was caught on video doing it, too.

McGinest's statements don't echo those of Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson, other former NFL greats who live at the same gated Calabasa community. Nor do they echo those of other neighbors in the exclusive neighborhood.

McGinest, who left USC in 1993 -- just one year before Keyshawn Johnson joined the Trojans -- said all the excitement about Bieber's antics in the neighborhood are hype, saying,
[Bieber is] a good neighbor. My daughters love him.
He went further, adding that Bieber goes above and beyond for the little children in the neighborhood.

It's unclear if going above and beyond includes nearly running them over in his Ferrari and other vehicles, though. Bieber has been accused of driving recklessly -- or allowing his BFFs to do so -- in the community, with speeds of up to or over 100 MPH.

Meanwhile, Keyshawn Johnson chased down Bieber's Ferrari -- angered when it zoomed by him as he exited a party with his young daughter. In that incident, though, it was shown that Tyler, the Creator was the actual driver of the car. Residents in the neighborhood don't really care, and just want the activity to stop.

Dickerson, too, has said that Bieber's Ferrari is a dangerous "weapon."

Notably, though, McGinest lives across the street from Bieber. You would think he would have a good "view" of any antics. That being said, he is thus far the only Bieber defender in the community.

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