Monday, July 1, 2013

Elmo voice Kevin Clash wins huge court victory because statute of limitations expired

Kevin Clash, who famously -- and formerly -- voiced Elmo before allegations of inappropriate sexual relationships with men arose was awarded with a major court victory on Monday. Some of the men claimed they were underage at the time of their dalliance.

His victory came in lawsuits that had been filed by Cecil Singleton, Kevin Kiadii and a third unnamed accuser known only as John Doe. All three of those cases were thrown out of court.

To be clear, though, they weren't thrown out because they were ridiculous or because it was obvious Clash had done no wrong. Instead, Judge John Koeltl threw out the cases because Clash's accusers waited to long too file their lawsuits.

In other words, the judge threw out the lawsuits filed by the trio after deciding they had been filed after the statute of limitations had run out. Reportedly, they had six year to submit their cases, but all missed that deadline.

Singleton said he was 15 when he began his "relationship" with Clash in 2003, while Kiadii said he was 16 when he was had a sexual encounter with Clash at the voice actor's apartment in 2005. John Doe said he was 17 when he had a sexual encounter with Clash in his New York apartment in early 1996.

The trio alleged that they didn't discover the "adverse psychological and emotional effects" they had suffered as a result of their encounters with Clash until last year, but Judge Koeltl said that wasn't enough to overcome the statute of limitations in the three cases.

He said their arguments didn't hold water because "they were aware of the facts that while minors, the defendant had engaged in sexual activities with them in violation of one or more federal statutes."

Last year, once news of the encounters became public, Clash resigned as Elmo's voice. He has continued to claim innocence, though.

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