Monday, July 22, 2013

Daleks and Zygons confirmed as the villains for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special

It's fitting that Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special will welcome -- so to speak -- the Doctor's greatest villains, the Daleks. The BBC made the news public on Sunday.

The show will be broadcast on Nov. 23, 2013, exactly 50 years after the first episode was aired. "Doctor Who" was first broadcast on Nov. 23, 1963 with a four-part storyline known as "An Unearthly Child." The first Doctor was played by William Hartnell.

The anniversary special will see the return of David Tennant as the Doctor, alongside current Doctor Matt Smith and John Hurt, also playing a doctor. Billie Piper will return as past companion Rose Tyler, with Jenna Coleman also onboard as current companion Clara Oswald. They will be joined by "Gavin and Stacey" star Joanne Page.

In addition to the Daleks, past villains the Zygons -- who last appeared in the show in 1975 as part of the Tom Baker Doctor Who run -- will return.

The programme's executive producer and lead writer Steven Moffat said:
The Doctor once said that you can judge a man by the quality of his enemies, so it's fitting that for this very special episode, he should be facing the greatest enemies of all.
Speculation is still ongoing as to who will replace Smith as the next Doctor; he announced in June that he was leaving the role.

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