Thursday, July 18, 2013

AMC unveils first image of new 'Walking Dead' season four character, Bob Stookey

Lead characters on "The Walking Dead" aren't necessarily guaranteed survival, despite any perceived importance in current or past storylines. Thus, last season we lost T-Dog, Andrea, and Lori. We also gained a few characters, such as Tyreese, his sister Sasha, and Michonne. On Wednesday, AMC unveiled a new character for season four, Bob Stookey, who has appeared in both "The Walking Dead" comic book and "The Road to Woodbury" novel.

As the series is wont to do, both by introducing characters that don't exist in the comics and by changing their backstory or method of appearance, Stookey differs somewhat from his comic book counterpart. Played by Lawrence Gilliard Jr., who played D'Angelo Barksdale on "The Wire", the TV version of Stookey is a former Army medic, just as in the comics (as pictured above)

However, in the comics, Stookey hails from Woodbury, and is the town drunk. In the series, he will be discovered by Daryl Dixon about a week before events pick up in season four. New showrunner Scott M. Gimple said:
His backstory is not entirely the same as in the comic and the novel. I think he’s seen things go bad over and over, and winding up in this stable place doesn’t shake him from his experience. He struggles with that.
Gilliard said:
You can see there’s something deeper and darker that’s going on with this character, just from the first episode. We don’t really know what it is. We just know he’s got some issues that he’s dealing with.
To be honest, everyone in the series is dealing with issues. There is a zombie apocalypse, after all.

In addition, the image of Stookey obtained by EW shows a heavily armed man standing in front of a chain link fence, but not the one at the prison. It has a look of some sort of military encampment, with tents behind the fence.

Season four of "The Walking Dead" will premiere in October 2013 and consist of 16 episodes, as did season three.

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