Thursday, July 25, 2013

Amanda Bynes to escape arrest, but perhaps not conservatorship

Amanda Bynes won't be charged for setting a fire in a random woman's driveway, according to sources speaking to TMZ on Wednesday. That being said, don't think that she will get off scot-free.

According to law enforcement sources, prosecutors will not charge Bynes with any criminal offense. Both law enforcement and prosecutors feel that Bynes behavior is rooted in "mental illness," the report said, rather than being criminal behavior.

However, another report said that Bynes could be headed in the direction of Britney Spears. Sources say -- notably, the report did not say the information came from a medical professional -- that Bynes is exhibiting signs of schizophrenia.

Reportedly, authorities and others will seek a two-week extension to her 5150 psychiatric hold so that doctors can properly examine her. Specifically, people around Bynes feel that she is suffering from some sort of mental illness, specifically schizophrenia.

Given that, Bynes' parents will reportedly ask a judge to put the 27-year-old into a conservatorship, similar to that of Britney Spears. The report went further, saying that Bynes' parents haven't been blind to her bizarre behavior of the past few months. For at least the last couple of months, they have wanted to take legal action, but did not feel they had sufficient evidence to get action taken.

The assumption is that with the fire incident, as well as events such as Bynes rushing into a liquor store's back room to wash gasoline off of her dog, there may be enough evidence to get a judge to issue a ruling.

Meanwhile, legally, Bynes still faces DUI charges in Los Angeles and reckless endangerment and marijuana charges in New York City.

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