Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Woman who gifted Chris Brown with her thong now IDed

As of Tuesday, her identity is now known: The woman who gave Chris Brown a pair of her panties on Saturday at the Heat Ultra Lounge in Malibu has come forward.

She's apparently 21-year-old Carol Quiroz. She said she is a huge Chris Brown fan, and as such decided to make a present of her silky white thong. She said:
I wrote my name, number and Instagram on the thong in permanent marker. I got his attention and handed it to him.
Quiroz also cleared up the next most important detail -- after her identity, that is -- the panties were unused. She does, however, admit that she was had been hiding them in her bra.
I definitely had boob sweat on the panties.
Brown, however, has not contacted her, as of yet.

A video of the "hand-off" is embedded.

Interestingly enough, things were apparently pretty hot that night at the Heat, and not just over panties. Brown has been accused of assaulting a woman, who claims he deliberately shoved her to the ground. However, the owner said that it wasn't Brown who might have had an altercation with the fan, but security.

Security, the owner said, booted 24-year-old Deanna Gines from the club after she repeatedly attempted to jump on stage during Brown's performance at the club, and later tried to rush him in his roped-off VIP area.

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