Thursday, June 27, 2013

Watch as Leno challenges, Sandra Bullock delivers: An F-bomb on the 'Tonight Show'

It is always big news whenever a celebrity drops the "f bomb," although the question "Why?" always pops into our heads. The latest celebrity to run into an f-based FUBAR is Sandra Bullock, who dropped it on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday night.

Sandra Bullock has been making the rounds of talk shows to discuss her upcoming film, "The Heat," which co-stars Melissa McCarthy. With the media blitz, you might expect the movie to release soon, and you'd be right: It launches into theaters on Friday, June 28.

Bullock said that there are 190 F-bombs in the movie, but that most belong to Melissa McCarthy. She added a few other things, though, including one that had to be bleeped (embedded video).
I'm chaste in that world [the f-bomb dropping world]. And when you drop them, you're just cooler. I'm cooler, when I drop them.
She confirmed, though, that in her private life, she doesn't drop them -- in front of children.

Leno then asked:
Any children here tonight?
That gave Sandra the opening she needed. When there was no affirmation of children, she said:
You known, it just makes me f*cking cool when I drop them.
Bullock also appeared on "Chelsea Lately" earlier this week. There, she and host Chelsea Handler discussed their areola-to-areola meeting earlier this season.

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