Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scottie Pippen Nobu fight details emerge: The n-word was involved

Details on the Scottie Pippen Nobu fight are leaking out. According to sources close to Pippen, the Sunday night fight at the Malibu Nobu restaurant took place because the middle-aged "fan" was drunk, overly aggressive, and called Pippen the n-word.

Paula Deen can tell this man it was precisely the wrong thing to do.

Apparently, the still unnamed man had been attempting to get Pippen's attention all night long. Pippen was eating at Nobu, and after Pippen's guests went to the restroom, the man sat in one of the guest's seats. He peppered Pippen with questions, and although he politely asked the man to leave, finally Pippen caved in and agreed to take a picture with the man outside of the restaurant.

Remember, that is where the fight took place.

However, once outside, the man became more aggressive, and requested -- or rather, demanded an autograph. When Pippen refused, the man used the n-word, and to make matters worse, spat at Pippen.

Pippen became incensed, not because the man spat at him, but because the spittle landed on his young daughter. At that point, Pippen flew into a rage.

As reported earlier, the alleged victim was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital with injuries to his head, face, and back. Pippen has since spoken with authorities and he was not arrested.

Pippen is -- or was, when he was a player -- 6'8", 228 pounds, making him a daunting opponent in a fight.

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