Monday, June 24, 2013

Paula Deen fans blast The Food Network on social media

In the wake of revelations about celebrity chef Paula Deen's use of the n-word last week, the Food Network fired her last week. Since then, the network has been blasted on social media, with its Facebook page still exploding with comments on Monday, virtually none of them about recipes.

This isn't to say that there are many blasting Deen, as well. The sheer volume and anger directed at the Food Network on its Facebook page, though, seems to dwarf the anti-Deen comments.
Mary Gibbs Black said "Find me a white or black person that has not used the "n" word at sometime in their life & I will call them a liar."

Laura Barnson Black said "Not happy you dropped Paula Deen and the way you treated her. I won't be renewing my magazine subscription or watching the food network channel anymore. You made a mistake -- it's not too late to correct it."

Serena Mitchell said "I just wanted you to know that I will no longer be watching you network. Yes, Paula Deen made a mistake just like the rest of us but to fire her was not the right thing to do in my eyes. I will no longer support any of your other chefs or their products. You could have suspended her but you chose to fire her. Be careful of what you say around people because you never know when it will come back on you."

Melanie Stone Childers said, "Good-bye Food Network!! I turn my back on you, just as you did Paula!"
John McWhorter, an associate professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University, penned an opinion piece for Time titled "Viewpoint: The Food Network Should Give Paula Deen Back Her Job."

Among his points was Deen's age (66):
[...] the Food Network has fired her after revelations that Deen has been a normal person of her time and place. Even though she has levelLed no fewer than three public apologies. The reason is the unique status of the N-word.

People of Deen's generation can neither change the past nor completely escape their roots in it, anymore than the rest of us. They can apologize and mean it, as Deen seems to. They also deserve credit for owning up to past sins, as Deen did candidly when she could easily have, shall we say, whitewashed the matter. [...]

Deen is old and she's sorry. She should get her job back.

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