Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paris Jackson's AEG deposition reveals nanny's obsession with Jacko

Paris Jackson, during a deposition taken in the family's wrongful death suit against AEG, revealed something strange: the obsession for her father showed by a former nanny. TMZ posted footage of her testimony on Wednesday.

Wednesday was also the day that other media sites noted the strange sidenote in her deposition. While it was reported by some sites that the deposition took place last October, the video footage (embedded) is dated March 21, 2013.

Paris Jackson explained to attorneys for AEG that Michael Jackson warned his children about ex-nanny Grace Rwaramba. When asked if her father said why, she replied:
Yeah. He said she was sneaky. She wasn't an honest person, and she lied a lot.
Jackson was also asked why her father did not fire her, and she replied that he felt bad for her, as she didn't have a lot of money.

Jackson went further, and told them something she said that would "freak them out," saying:
When he would stay in the hotel or whatever, she would call the hotel and say that she was his wife -- she was obsessed with him -- she'd call and say that she was his wife and they'd let her in and he'd wake up and she would be in his bed.
Rwaramba became part of the AEG case when when lawyers for the Jackson family intimated that she had been fired by AEG, just as his personal chef Kai Chase was let go two months prior to Jackson's death.

AEG was the company behind Jackson’s ill-fated “This Is It” comeback tour, and has been sued for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson by his mother, Katherine. Katherine Jackson is seeking up to $40 billion in damages and filed the suit jointly with and on behalf of Michael Jackson's children Prince Michael and Paris, who she is co-guardian of.

Paris Jackson painted a far different image of Rwaramba than her public perception. It had previously been thought that she was like a mother to Jackson’s children Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II, AKA Blanket, over her 17 years of employment by the pop superstar.

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