Monday, June 24, 2013

Not navigational, but instead inspirational: The explanation for Kimye as 'North West'

Despite the fact that North West seems pretty directional -- and perhaps silly, and bound to attract heckling and teasing by other children -- Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did not name their daughter a compass direction. Instead, it was said on Monday, the name was given to be inspirational, not navigational.

Sources close to the celebrity couple said that North wasn't meant to point to a direction, but rather to be a metaphor for "up." It was meant to indicate the relative greatness of their child.

They have been asking friends, "What's North of North? Nothing." In other words, their baby is primo, the best.

What's interesting is that the sources added that the couple believes North is their pinnacle together as a couple, and they consider her their "North Star." If this is their pinnacle, what will their second baby (assuming there is one) be, though?

Additionally, if this is the best that their relationship can be, why bother with getting married. Despite rumors to the contrary, the couple is still not engaged, by the way. It's expected, though, that a wedding is sometime in their future.

Sadly, this explains why the couple did not give North the middle name of "By North" (full name, North By North West). Indeed, despite the new explanation, most probably still don't feel bad about mocking the name choice.

In addition, you can bet kids won't feel bad about mocking North's name, either.

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