Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kris Jenner defends granddaughter's navigational name on 'The View'

Appearing on the Wednesday episode of "The View," Kardashian clan matriarch Kris Jenner defended her new granddaughter's name -- North West.

Co-host Barbara Walters brought up the controversy over North West, as well as the possibility that a daughter would have been named with a "K." She said:
I mean, it's funny, but do you really want your child named North West, and would you have preferred it have been a K? Grandma, I know it's their decision, but how do you feel about them naming their little girl North?
To that, Kris (who probably did not appreciate being mentioned as "Grandma" -- "Brandma," maybe) said:
I love the name North. I'm pro-North, absolutely.

The way [Kim] explained it to me, north means highest power, and North is their highest point together. I thought that was really sweet.
Jenner's explanation is precisely the one that was given earlier. North is not meant to be navigational, but inspirational.

According to multiple reports, the little darling already has a nickname that is definitely not directional: Nori. Of course, sushi fans will recognize that name as the edible seaweed commonly used as a wrap for sushi and onigiri.

Jenner was on "The View" for more than just compass talk. She is making the rounds to promote her upcoming daytime talk show.

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