Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kate Upton, in video, topless on a horse: Despite being censored, what more could you ask for?

Despite being censored, a video of Kate Upton riding topless on a horse has gone viral, since being posted on Wednesday.

The video was taken during a recent modeling shoot. Upton begins the session fully clothed, with a zip down top, some sort of wraparound bottom, and the requisite bra and bikini bottoms. Although Upton begins the session trying to keep her breasts covered with her hands, she soon realizes, there's just no way to hide those babies.

Eventually, she is forced to release them, set them free. Although the video is censored, it's reportedly that once uncovered, her "girls" are everything that Upton fans hoped -- and expected -- them to be.

Indeed, despite being semi-rhetorical, the question of "what more could you ask for?" can be answered by saying, "an uncensored version."

While we can't show that, you can see the reaction of TMZ staffers to the uncensored video below. It is priceless.

Watch both videos.

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