Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Did Facebook cyberbullying play a role in Paris Jackson's suicide attempt

Although reports have been that Paris Jackson's suicide attempt followed her being told she could not attend a recent Marilyn Manson concert, a new report issued Wednesday says that the family believes cyberbullying has a lot to do with her problems.

This wouldn't be the first suicide attempt -- or even suicide -- prompted by social networking cyberbullying. The so-called "MySpace suicide" of teenager Megan Meier is often seen as the most famous example of such an incident.

TMZ reports that sources say that Paris, 15, has been seeing numerous comments left on her Facebook page blasting her father Michael Jackson. Some have gone so far as to mention the various molestation allegations.

One source said that the comments have wreaked havoc on Paris. "They destroyed her." The source added that there is a connection between the cyberbullying and Jackson's recently discovered cutting interest.

Jackson continues to be ensconced in the psych ward at the UCLA Medical Center where she has no access to Facebook. However, her family is reportedly concerned that she will backslide into a suicidal funk if she goes returns to Facebook when she exits the ward.

Although the Jacksons have tried to delete Paris' Facebook page, they can't. Facebook's policy is that if a user is 13 years of age and older, the family has no right to shut down an account.

Facebook has a page dedicated to cyberbullying. Notably, it says hateful comments violate the site's TOS.

Deleting the page may not be a permanent solution, anyway. Jackson could always create a new one.

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